If I want an image to appear when a visitor clicks on some text in the content, do I need to manually FTP the image?

Example: View a cutaway of the motorcycle.

The phrase, "cutaway of the motorcycle," would be linked to that graphic using html.

I don't necessarily want the image to appear in the gallery, but I think it must have to in order to link to it in the content.

Thanks for your help.

Re: [marys] Linking to image in content

Hi Marys,

How do you want that image to appear? Would it just be a link to the image? If so, you could create a new upload field for "in-line images". You'd then have to add in the HTML directly (you could do something like this:

<a href="***image1:url***">cutaway of the motorcycle</a>.

Take note of the ":url" addition in the image placeholder -- this will output the URL to where it's located, instead of the full <img> tag.

Give that a try and let me know if it works for you. :)


Re: [Donna] Linking to image in content

Hi, Donna,

I want to link to the image.

I created a new upload field for in-line images, but if I selected the upload type as "List of Embedded Media..." instead of "List of Attached Files," the html I added in the WYSIWYG area showed up when I published the page.

What I ended up doing was using the link tool in the WYSIWYG, selecting the text I wanted to link the image to and adding:


in the Source field for the WYSIWYG link tool.

I'm not sure if I didn't follow your instructions, but I couldn't get adding the HTML directly to work.

Thanks for your help.

Re: [marys] Linking to image in content

I'm not sure what happened, but "List of Embedded Media..." now works for the inline_image in the Database Editor.

If I have coded my article template to support popup windows and I want inline images to appear in popup windows, how and where do you recommend I add JavaScript link?

I'm guessing the code would look something like this, but I don't know where to insert it:

<a onclick="JavaScript: newWindow = openWin( 'inline_image', 'POPUP', 'width=700,height=900,toolbar=0,location=0,directories=0,status=1,menuBar=0,scrollBars=1,resizable=1,screenX=0,left=0,screenY=0,top=0' );newWindow.focus()" href="javascript:void()">

Re: [marys] Linking to image in content

Hi marys,

The best way to do this would be to set up a new template cell on your template to control how the images for the inline_image field are displayed specifically. You can do this by adding this code to your articlePage.html template:

<!-- templateCell : article.inline_image.embeddedMedia -->
***link code for your images here***
<!-- /templateCell : article.inline_image.embeddedMedia -->

You can find out more specifics on using custom code for your embedded media links if you click the "File and Image Uploads" link in the documentation here:


The information you'll be wanting to check out is the last item on that page.

If you have any more questions about this, let us know!
Jake Marvin - Product Specialist

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Re: [Jake] Linking to image in content

Thanks, Jake.

I scrapped the Javascript idea for inline images and setup Lightbox http://www.huddletogether.com/projects/lightbox2/ .

It works perfectly for default embedded media, but I can't figure out how to code the inline image.

I added the following to my article template:

<!-- templateCell : article.inline_image.embeddedMedia -->
<img src="$file.WebUrl$" rel="lightbox" alt="$file.title$">
<!-- /templateCell : article.inline_image.embeddedMedia -->

It didn't work. I also tried:

<!-- templateCell : article.inline_image.embeddedMedia -->
<!-- templateIf : $file.isImage$ == "1" -->
<img src="$file.WebUrl$" rel="lightbox" alt="$file.title$">
<!-- /templateIf -->
<!-- /templateCell : article.inline_image.embeddedMedia -->

I thought I might need a templateIf because not all of the article pages will have inline images, but that didn't work, either.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Re: [Jake] Linking to image in content

Here is how I coded the embedded Media page to use Lightbox. It works great on all the photos I add to my articles with just remembering to check: 1. thumbnail and 2. link to fullsize image.

<!-- ShadowBox -->
<script type="text/javascript" src="/[url "http://www.mydomain.com/am2/lightbox/js/prototype.js%22%3E%3C/script"]am2/lightbox/js/prototype.js"></script[/#000080][/url]>
<script type="text/javascript" src="[url "http://www.thatscountry.com/am2/lightbox/js/scriptaculous.js?load=effects"></script"]/am2/lightbox/js/scriptaculous.js?load=effects"></script[/#000080][/url]>
<script type="text/javascript" src="[url "http://www.thatscountry.com/am2/lightbox/js/lightbox.js%22%3E%3C/script"]/am2/lightbox/js/lightbox.js"></script[/#000080][/url]> <head>
<link rel="stylesheet" href="[url "http://www.thatscountry.com/am2/lightbox/css/lightbox.css"]/am2/lightbox/css/lightbox.css[/#000080][/url]" type="text/css" media="screen" />
<!-- /ShadowBox -->
<!-- templateCell : globalDefault.embeddedMedia -->
<!-- templateIf : $file.isImage$ == "1" -->
<!-- templateIf : $file.useThumbnail$ == "1" -->
<table border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding=3 align="$file.align$" width="$file.thumbnailWidth$">
<!-- templateIf : $file.linkTo$ eq "url" -->
<a href="$file.linkUrl$" rel="lightbox[album]" title="$file.caption$" [templateIf : $file.openLinkInNewWindow$ == "1" ]target="_blank" rel="lightbox[album]" title="$file.caption$" [/templateIf]>
<!-- /templateIf -->
<!-- templateIf : $file.linkTo$ eq "image" -->
<a href="$file.webUrl$" rel="lightbox[album]" title="$file.caption$" [templateIf : $file.openLinkInNewWindow$ == "1" ] target="_blank" rel="lightbox[album]" title="$file.caption$" [/templateIf]>
<!-- /templateIf --> <img src="$file.thumbnailWebUrl$" border="1" alt="$file.title:htmlEncoded$" width="$file.thumbnailWidth$" height="$file.thumbnailHeight$"><!-- templateIf : $file.linkTo$ ne "" --></a><!-- /templateIf --><br clear="all">
<span class="image_caption">$file.caption$</span> </td></tr>
</table> <!-- templateIf : $file.wrapText$ == "0" --><br clear="all"><!-- /templateIf -->
<!-- /templateIf --> <!-- templateIf : $file.useThumbnail$ != "1" --> <table border="0" cellspacing=0 cellpadding="3" align="$file.align$" width="100">
<tr><td> <!-- templateIf : $file.linkTo$ eq "url" -->
<a href="$file.linkUrl$" [templateIf : $file.openLinkInNewWindow$ == "1" ]target="_blank"[/templateIf]>
<!-- /templateIf -->
<!-- templateIf : $file.linkTo$ eq "image" -->
<a href="$file.webUrl$" [templateIf : $file.openLinkInNewWindow$ == "1" ] target="_blank"[/templateIf]>
<!-- /templateIf --> <img src="$file.webUrl$" border="1" alt="$file.title:htmlEncoded$" width="$file.width$" height="$file.height$"><!-- templateIf : $file.linkTo$ ne "" --></a><!-- /templateIf --><br clear="all">
<span class="image_caption">$file.caption$</span> </td></tr>
</table> <!-- templateIf : $file.wrapText$ == "0" --><br clear="all"><!-- /templateIf -->
<!-- /templateIf --> <!-- /templateIf --> <!-- templateIf : $file.isImage$ != "1" -->
<p>[ <a href="$file.webUrl$">Download/View $file.title$</a> ]</p>
<!-- /templateIf --> <!-- /templateCell : globalDefault.embeddedMedia -->


Marti Clayton
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