Hi guys.

I'm perplexed! I've just discovered that AM2 cannot publish to a custom uploads directory as in AM1. I assumed this feature was still intact and chose AM specifically for its publishing flexibility.

I'm faced with a big, serious problem now. I need to be able to use that old feature of publishing into a custom uploads directory. My client expects it and I've sold the CMS on the back of this feature as well as others. The site is almost finished and is a culmination of three solid weeks development. I can't downgrade to AM1!

Can you advise me how to get out of this hole please. I notice you refer various people to changelog or ask them to watch this space. In understand why but that's not a solution to a problem.

Ordinarily, I wouldn't pursue something like this. Problem is, I may have to shelve the hole CMS aspect of an area of the site. Pretty serious stuff.

May I add that AM2 is a stunning upgrade with maximum flexibility. I'm just shocked and stunned that a feature many of us relied on is gone.

I look forward to your views and solution.


Re: [air-ship] Custom uploads directory - a big hole in AM2

Hi there!

Just out of curiousity -- what are you planning on doing with the custom uploads directory? It's possible that we can come up with a solution that will work for you in some other way. :)


Re: [Donna] Custom uploads directory - a big hole in AM2

Hi Donna,

I need to upload pictures (jpegs, gifs, pngs etc.), zip archives, excel, word, swf etc. These all have to be protected by our webmaster. He is using session based system to protect the directory for uploads and the publish directory. From memory you could set the publish and uploads directories as the same same folder. This is the way we want to do it.

is this enough info Donna. Incidentally, this is only pertinent to one category.


Re: [Jake] Custom uploads directory - a big hole in AM2

Ouch Jake. Not the answer I was looking for.

No, there are many different uploads from different categories.

My client is uploading content, not me or my development team. I can't expect them to start sftp'ing and then link to every file manually. This defeats the object of a CMS.

It looks like you've got me cornered on the custom programming angle. I'm very unhappy about that. It still maintain that this feature existed in AM1 and by rights, should still be there. I'm not a happy bunny. [:(] [:(] [:(]

So, please offer me some options and let's see where can go with it. Incidentally, this is very, very urgent now.

I haven't forgotten about the the blog feature Jake. I still need to schedule it in.


Re: [Jake] Custom uploads directory - a big hole in AM2

Hi Jake,

Did anyone in your team receive my response about this problem in AM2? I'm still waiting for a reply about a fix / solution.

Kind regards,

Re: [air-ship] Custom uploads directory - a big hole in AM2

Hi Rees,

It looks like our consulting team has been in touch with you about this. Was there anything else apart from the custom upload feature that you wanted to discuss?
Jake Marvin - Product Specialist

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Re: [air-ship] Custom uploads directory - a big hole in AM2

Hi Rees,

The problem is AM2 supports multiple categories, so because an article can be in multiple categories there's no way to determine which folder to store uploads in.

Feel free to email me directly at dave@interactivetools.com.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [Dave] Custom uploads directory - a big hole in AM2

Hi Dave / Jake,

Thanks for your replies. I had a telcon with Ross about this earlier. He thinks he may have a custom solution for this.

Such a simple AM1 feature has now become a major issue.


Re: [air-ship] Custom uploads directory - a big hole in AM2

I agree that this becomes a problem. I am testing artman2 again with my current artman1 and I noticed this as well.

I have only one category which needs to be published into another section so its not that big of a problem, but I do think that the flexibility of putting files wherever you need them was a much bigger plus, then posting to multiple categories, due to the fact they would become dup content. same article in 2 or more categories unless the index page simply points to the articles main location.

Anyway I'm sure there was good reason in interactive doing this with artman2, they are a very talented group