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By dbramley - November 23, 2006

Does AM2 automatically put a thin black border around included images when you use the place holders ***Image1*** etc ?

If so, how do I remove them? I never want a border around the images so a global setting would do.

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Re: [dbramley] Image Borders

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By Damon - November 23, 2006


Although images do have borders by default, this can be easily changed.

To change to images with no borders, open the embeddedMedia.html found here:

Replace border="1" with border="0" in two places in the template.

Save, upload the template back to you site.

Log in to Article Manager and in Admin > Publishing, click "Publish All" to re-publish.

That should be it. Let me know if you have any questions. :)
Damon Edis

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Re: [marys] Image Borders

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By Jake - June 23, 2008

Hi marys,

You can try replacing this line:

border: 2px solid #CCC;

with this:

border-style: none;

Let us know if you need anything else!
Jake Marvin - Product Specialist

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