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By mfdbean554 - July 18, 2007

Hey gang,

I have looked over the forums and might have missed this but.... What I am doing is listing all the chapters for my organization within my category of "Chapters". Now what is happening is the states are being listed my the date that the last entry/change was made. We don't want that to happen. What want to happen is an alphabetical order for the name of each state (that's what we use for the title of each article). Now I did change Admin/Database Editor/ Articles/ Default Sort Fields. But that a global change vs. I just want the Chapter listing to be alpha.

On a second note once I get this corrected can you post the default text that was in Default Sort Fields. After making some changes I can't find where I wrote down what it was prior to me adjusting and testing it.


Andy Biron

Re: [sippy] Getting only one category to do this

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By deniseb - July 19, 2007

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the post!

If I'm reading this correct you have a "Chapters" category which contains all the states you organization is in. Is this correct? Also you would like to sort the listing on this page alphebetically on based on article title. To do this all you will have to do is open the publish rule that creates the index page for the "Chapters" category. Near the bottom of this publish rule you will find the "Sort Order" fields, set this to sort by article title and re-published the updated publish rule. :)

Give this a try Andy and if you have any other questions please feel free to ask.