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By seGAP - May 20, 2007

We'd like to add a new Category field, let's say "linkedNum", and be able to use a Custom Field Type similar to that used by "parentNum", whose Custom Field Type "Category Manager: Parent Category" allows the selection of a related Category.

Note: for our new field this related Category won't necessarily be the Parent Category.

By trial and error we've found that...

"Category Manager: Parent Category" can't be used as this simply forces the new field to be the same value as "parentNum".

"Article Manager: Secondary Category" can't be used as it is coded to only appear for an Article field.

So, is it possible for us to define a new Custom Field Type, let's say "Category Manager: Secondary Category"?


Re: [ChetW] Admin Table Editor: Custom Field Types for Category

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By seGAP - May 20, 2007


For each Category we want to be able to have a new field, "linkedNum", which specifies a relationship to another Category.

This relationship is different, and additional, to the existing Parent Category that AM provides.

We have already implemented this as a simple Text field into which the related Category Number has to be typed manually, but we'd prefer to have something similar to the Drop Down List format used by the Custom Field Type used by the "parentNum" field.

Because this Field Type is called "Custom", we assumed that this would be something that we could define but we hadn't been able to find any documentation.

Since originally posting this question, we've found the "Custom" code appears to sit in modules\IT\ArtMan\CustomFields\CategoryManager\ParentCategory.pm so I guess we could base the new "LinkedCategory" type on this.

This would obviously mean you wouldn't support our installation, so first we should clarify if "Custom Field Types" are ever meant to be Customised?

If so, could you give us some pointers, such as whether it is just a case of creating a new LinkedCategory.pm in the above directory, or whether other work would be needed to turn it on.


Re: [seGAP] Admin Table Editor: Custom Field Types for Category

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By Donna - May 21, 2007

Hi there,

The "Custom" selection was actually intended for our use, mostly -- when you select it, you'll see a new dropdown appear with a few different options. These are selections that the average user will never need, which is why it's sorted under custom.

While the source code is available for you to be able to modify, it's not something that we can offer any support on. We'll still offer what regular support we can (for things that are in the software by default, of course), but we really don't have any suggestions on making modifications like that.


Re: [Donna] Admin Table Editor: Custom Field Types for Category

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By seGAP - May 21, 2007

Thanks Donna,

We'll stick with using a Text field for now.

But maybe in a later version of AM you could give some thought to the use of the word "Custom"...

Custom Fields: defined by Admin.

Custom Field Types: defined only by IT. (no maybe "Special" or "Predefined" would be better words to use to describe these Field Types).