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By nuggetF5 - February 25, 2007

Has there been consideration of building RSS ping into AM 2.0 or future versions? There are several ways to automate ping (REST or XML-RPC), but I've found a fairly simple method using Perl's LWP package that make sense (to me at least) and is low overhead. I'm not wanting something that pings dozens of hosts, but it'd be nice to hit the big players like Yahoo, Google, MSN, AOL, Bloglines. Thanks in advance.

Re: [nuggetF5] RSS ping

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By ross - February 25, 2007

Hi there

Thanks for the suggestion here!

I am going to add this to our feature request list for you as I don't think it's something we have talked about before.

Let me know if there is anything else I can add to it for you. There is of course, no set timeframe for when each feature will be implemented, but we keep track of it all so feel free to put in anymore requests you have [:)].
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Re: [ross] RSS ping

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By nuggetF5 - February 25, 2007

Thanks, Ross. Nothing additional to add. Keep up the great work you do.

Re: [Mike4172] RSS ping

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By nuggetF5 - February 25, 2007 - edited: February 25, 2007

I'll try. When you update an RSS file on your site with new content, it's simply a static document that's sitting there. You may think it gets pulled in and automatically refreshed every time someone connects to their RSS provider. It doesn't. Let's say I'm someone that is interested in your site's content and have pulled your feed into some resource like a news aggregator or a portal like My Yahoo or a personalized Google home page. That feed information will get updated on those pages when those service providers decide it's time to check your RSS feed for an update. Some providers base this on how often you update your RSS. For Yahoo, they advertise "anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours". Google on the other hand is quite fast (surprise) in my opinion. Others I can't speak for.

RSS ping is a simple way of 'pinging' a server at a provider to let them know you've updated your RSS, at which point their server will schedule itself to refresh your feed, which is then extended to people pulling in that feed. There are several ways to do pings manually, which can be tedious. Examples:

Yahoo, you enter into the browser the following, replacing the 'yourdomain.com/yourfeed.xml' with your real feed address, ala:

There are service pages such as Ping-o-Matic:


So, the hitch here is that RSS is really cool, but in practicality, without pinging, getting the news out to your customers can be a pretty slow process depending what service provider you're using and how often they schedule their updates. I run a busy classifieds site that gets between 5 and 20 new entries a day and having Yahoo look at my RSS once a day is simply unacceptable, so I've written something to ping their server to let them know when an update occurs. I have an MP3 RSS that gets updated maybe once a week. No big need for pinging there.

For something like Article Manager, I can speak only for myself to say that a really busy day might be three news articles, but still, it's great to get those pulled into the news aggregators quickly so your customers get served immediately. Otherwise, if you have competitors (I do), they can beat you to the punch. Since Article Manager provides RSS capabilities, it'd seem practical they'll eventually be able to extend a ping to RSS service providers.

Someone may recommend Feedburner as a solution. I recently had some experience with them but it wasn't a very good experience for me personally, so I've decided to go this on my own in seeking pinging solutions. Many big blog providers like WordPress and others have these solutions built into them already.

Hope this helps. By the way, I am certainly no expert on this subject. It's easy to find a lot of information by Googling "RSS ping".

Re: [nuggetF5] RSS ping

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By Mike4172 - February 25, 2007

Once the AM 2.1 is released (allowing you to run outside scripts on a post publish) you should be able to whip up a small script to do that if you have a recent edition PHP and the module XML-RPC installed.

Then you could set the publish rule to execute the script whenver a new article is added.
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