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Just a note to interactivetools:

As a user of publishcron.cgi for AM1, I have to say that your new static files creation system is a great idea. Now I can easily create many more of such files to include on other pages without having to worry about publishcron timing out or publishing taking too long.

I use such files to display a couple of main stories and lists of latest headlines, and now it's easier than ever.

Good job [:)]


Re: [Strani] The value of static includes

Can you elaborate on how I would create these static files? I was using publishcron for several queries, but if there is an easier I would like to know how.


Re: [jublack2000] The value of static includes

Hi there.

Thanks for posting and welcome to the board!

Would you mind posting up one of the lines from your publishcron.ini file? That way, I can actually get a walk through going for you based on your own data.

Basically, with Article Manager, you are going to be using the publishing rules to have Article Manager build you static page based off of similar settings as you used in Publishcron.

How does that sound? I look forward to hearing from you [:)].
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Re: [ross] The value of static includes

Hi Ross,

Thanks for your reply. It's Juliana; I was emailing with you the other day.

Here is a publishcron query I was playing around with:

page1 = ../../cms2/publish/cron-includes/featured-projects.html
query1 = cat=4&perpage=2&template=searchEngine/featuredProjects.html

Also, any updates on the email I sent to support on Thursday? Especially the part about using Java Applets in articles.

Thanks again,


Re: [jublack2000] The value of static includes

Hi Juliana,

Thanks for the extra info!

[font "Arial"]Article Manager has some really powerful publishing options that are going to make it easy to publish a page of your featured articles. There is a bit of setup to get it going so I have outlined all the steps below:

1. Login to your Article Manager admin section and go to 'Admin' --> 'Publishing', on this page select the 'create' button.

2. You will now be on a page where you create Publish Rules, we are going to create a rule based on the publishcron.ini information that you have provided. This new Publish Rule will include:

--> The template to use for publishing this content.

--> How many article will be published to this page.

--> What category this page publish rule will apply to.

--> Where this published static page will be placed on your server.

3. Fill in the Publish Rule you are creating with the follow details:

Rule Name:

Rule Description:
This creates a static featured projects page.

Rule Type:
select "a list of articles"

select your "featuredProjects.html" template file.

Placeholder set name:

Published Files:
Be sure that "One file - listing articles from selected categories" is picked.

For filename type "featured-projects" and leave the <ext> that is in the second text field.

Limit Results:
1 to 2

Publish Dir:
Pick "Use custom publish directory", then use the browse button to point this publish rule at the /cron-includes/ directory on your server. Also fill in the actual Publish URL this url may look similar to:


Category filters:
Select which category this publish rule applies to.

When you are finished save your changes, what you have just done is create a publish rule that will create a static html page in your /cron-includes/ directory.

This static page will be called "featured-projects.shtml" and will display only two listings from whichever category you are looking at. The include statement will look like this:

[font "Arial"]<!-- #include virtual ="$published.featuredProjects.webpath$ -->

Give this a try Juliana and if you have any questions I will be happy to help out. :)

Re: [ChetW] The value of static includes

I have to agree with the original poster that the new publishing rules are a great addition to the program.

In AM1 publishcron was an invaluable tool as I am currently using over 400 queries. I'm having some problem figuring out how to use the publishing rules to replicate everything I was doing.

Our site is set up as such that each category cooresponds with one issue of our magazine. The articles however are not displayed by issue on the site. When creating each article there is an additional field for enterting a keyword(s). These keywords are how the various sections of the site are populated.

For example, an opinion article about health would have the keywords of "heal" and "opin." I then used the query in publishcron to search for these specific keywords in this field and then output the results to create the includes for each section of the site.

Any ideas?


Re: [alyates] The value of static includes

Hi Adam,

Publish Rules don't currently include the option to publish static files for keyword search query results.......but, the good news is, this is planned for the next version so this is something you should be able to do when it is available.

Take a look at Dave's post for details:
ArticleManager v2.1 - New features on the way...

If you have any other questions, let us know. :)
Damon Edis

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