We've just recently started getting a "Server too Busy" error. I've searched this on the forum, and I've followed all the advice (CHMOD data directory and all files to 0777, delete filelock.lock, etc.), but we're still getting the error. Was there ever anything else that could be doing it?

I talked to one of the ladies in the office, and she had just posted an article about 45 mins. ago, so I know we at least had access up till then. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, and we're running Article Manager 1, just so you know where I'm coming from.

Thanks in advance,


Nearly a month.  Hmmmmm.  Perhaps it's time to submit a ticket.  Ahem. ...

 FTP to /cgi-bin/article manager directory name/data and delete the file "filelock.lock"


Hey Dave, can you please restore the old help? It's hellish with legacy software when its forum archives are gone. :-)

Many thanks, Nigel!  Unfortunately, that didn't resolve the issue.  I'll second the request to Dave for the old forums.  I can't request a support ticket because I can't get my ID number, because it's in the Admin section I can't log into.  Ugh!