Newsletter Manger unsubscribe - can we confirm first?

By Deborah - December 28, 2012

I'm checking out the new Newsletter Manager add-on and when viewing my own subscription to the IT newsletter, decided to click the "click this link to unsubscribe" at the bottom of the message. I thought I'd be delivered to a page to confirm this action, but instead see the message "Thank you, you've been unsubscribed and will no longer receive emails!"

Now I'll have to go sign up again...

It would be good to have at least one more click-through to insure that the newsletter recipient is serious and/or didn't click the link by mistake. Is this possible to set up with this add on?


By gregThomas - January 3, 2013 - edited: January 3, 2013

Hi Deborah,

Thanks for the feedback, this is something we'll look into changing on the IT newsletter.

If you want to change this default behaviour on the newsletter plugin, the easiest way around this is to create a custom unsubscription page. In your e-mail you could link to a custom unsubscription page that also passes the users e-mail address (using the #to_email# placeholder) or num value in the URL, for example the link in the message might be: Then you could have a form asking the user if they are sure they want to unsubscibe. When the user submits the form you could remove their entry from the _nlb_subscribers section using the mysql_delete function. 

Another options is to have an unsubscribe page that isn't passed any extra data in the URL. Then ask the user to enter their e-mail address and then remove any records from the _nlb_subscribers section that contain that e-mail address.



Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer -

By gkornbluth - January 5, 2013

Hi All,

When someone signs up, they need to confirm their intentions by following a link in an email sent to their email address.

I'd strongly recommend the same approach for unrsubscribing as well.

This would eliminate another possibility for malicious intent.

Just my two cents.

Jerry Kornbluth

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