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By Dave - December 21, 2012

Hi Deborah, 

Are you trying to merge some new data and fields you've created since the backup or just restore the backup?  

Generally you need everything to match up, so the /data/schema/ folder (or the fields under the field editor) should be the same as when the backup was made).

If you are getting errors because there is a field in the schema (created in the field editor) that doesn't exist in the MySQL Database you can just click on "Section Editors" and it will automatically check and re-create any fields that are missing from the MySQL.

What are the specific errors and where are they appearing?  

Let me know and I'll try help.  Thanks!

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Deborah - December 23, 2012

HI, Dave.

After renaming a table I was seeing error messages when viewing associated section editors from the nav menu. I don't recall if I clicked on 'Section Editors' or not.

This isn't a live site, so at that time I chose to restore a database backup from earlier that day. After restoring the backup I saw errors referring to a newer section editor that didn't exist in the old database.

I've just renamed an editor to see what would happen. The error message "Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent..." appeared if I simply through the navigation menu to that editor. I think that is the same error I saw originally. Clicking on 'Section Editors' gives me access to update the associated editors. I think that may be what happened on the first round. (I should have taken screen captures.)

I've worked through everything and am back where I need to be now. I'll be sure to click the 'Section Editor' link in the future if I have to rename anything.

Thanks for your prompt assistance and instrucitons.


By Dave - December 24, 2012

Hi Deborah,

Ok, do you still need a hand with it?  If so, feel free to email the details to and I can take a look for you.

Note: Email, don't post login details to the forum.


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By Deborah - December 26, 2012

Dave, I appreciate you checking in, but I'm all set on this. Your initial reply helped me out.

Thanks again, Deborah