As recently as a few weeks ago I could access and search the old Article Manager 2 forums. This was *invaluable* as any question that popped up from time to time was usually answered in there somewhere.

However now I can only get to this "new" forum: which only has a handful (relatively) of posts from 2010 onward. Even choosing a link I used a few weeks ago from my history just redirects me here, for example

How can I get to those old forums?

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Same here - the "old" forum was a treasure trove of self-service information, and a testamonial to InteractiveTools' legacy of technical support. It was like a knowledge base of golden wisdom.

Where is that old forum info?

Ah, whatever happened to the InteractiveTools company I fell in love with oh so many years ago?

Bill -- I'm going to post in Off Topic and see if we can get some Interactive Tools eyes on the question :)

Terri Zwierzynski -- Resources for the Solo Entrepreneur Lifestyle
"..because it's not just about the business!"
Finalist for "Website of the Year" in 2007 Stevie(r) Awards for Women in Business

Terri, did you post? Or was your post deleted?

Hi Guys, 

We still have it in a backup archive, but we're updating our website and want to focus on our current products.

I appreciate you letting me know it's important to you, and will look into how we can make that available (maybe as a download).

Aside from that, is there anything we can do to encourage you to move up to CMS Builder? :)


Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By TerriZ - December 20, 2012 - edited: December 20, 2012

Thanks Dave. I'd be happy with a searchable download (which I would assume would be true of just about any format? Although length/size might be an issue.) Even if you put it up on a separate webpage/domain not linked to from your main menu (but with a link in the Discontinued forum), that would be cool.

re: CMS Builder, if there was an easy-ish way to convert my existing templates, bring over the database and all my rules, then yes. My understanding from back when AM2 was discontinued was that there was no migration path to CMS Builder, otherwise I would have looked into it a long time ago.

Also, I have AM2 (and other) web pages that are built from "components? that AM2 creates for me. For example, AM2 creates part of my menu which I then include in all my pages via SSI. I also put together a sort of secondary database (not really a database, but a generated set of files with set names, and those set names are built into one of the fields of each article) of info about my authors, so I could include it at the bottom of each of their articles (and put their pictures on another page, etc.) My understanding was that CMS builder was more of a page-by-page template driven (sort of like Wordpress) that doesn't have the capability to give me the kind of flexibility that I had with AM2.

Terri Zwierzynski -- Resources for the Solo Entrepreneur Lifestyle
"..because it's not just about the business!"
Finalist for "Website of the Year" in 2007 Stevie(r) Awards for Women in Business

I know that CMS Builder uses PHP and I don't use PHP, I use ASP and ASP.NET. PHP is too much of a liability for me. For example, I earn a living from my main website which has been up since 1996, it's written in ASP and I get 5 Million page views per month and 500 hack attempts per month. About half of those are PHP exploits. I simplty reject attempted PHP page acceses no filtering at all!

My AM2 application is similar to what Terri describes. I have some very complex template code and publishing rules that took years to put together. As I understand it, AM2 templates and rules can't be moved to CMSB.

I have eleven years invested in AM - yes, since 2001, Luke told me I was one of the first 20 to purchase - and it does exactly what I need it to do. I know the code.

Look, you easily moved the database topics you wanted from the original forums to the new forums. I have to assume that you deliberately choose not to move the archived AM2 discussions as an attempt to push us to CMS Builder? But honestly, I now have a real worry that if I move to CMS Builder you'll replace that with something else two years from now and leave me without support again, just Donna repeating "you can't do that"! And it's discouraging to quietly take away valuable support resources in the hopes of forcing an upgrade.

How about post the AM2 archives so my original bookmarks work and make them only visible to AM2 license holders?

Hi Guys,

Ok, it might take a little while to get done but I'll queue up one of our programmers with the task of restoring the AM2 forum from backup.

As far as moving software platforms, to CMSB or anything else, it's a big job and is usually best done when you're planning on a major site overhaul anyways.   We have a few tools and tricks that can help, but I wouldn't bother with it unless you have some really compelling reasons to do so (such as new functionality, saving time, automation, etc).  If you want to revisit the process at some point just get in touch.

We're really proud to hear that you're still happy with Article Manager and committed to it after all these years.

Let me know if you need anything else, and Happy Holidays! :)

Dave Edis - Senior Developer

By BillG - December 21, 2012 - edited: December 21, 2012

Dave, that's terrific news - thanks so much!

Now, please Pick One:

1) Merry Christmas
2) Happy Holidays
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4) Happy Kwanza
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