Possible to have a multi record section feed into another multi record section?

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By weblm - December 18, 2012

We are doing a site for a ski property rental business. We have one multi record section to list each rental property.

Here's what I'm wondering if it's possible to do. I'd like to create a new multi record section for Seasons/Dates/Pricing. See, each property is priced by season. So for any given property, you will have the following for pricing selections:

Low Season: $price
(list of dates for low season)

High Season: $price
(list of dates for high season)

Spring Season: $price
(list of dates for spring season)


Now I could for the property record create a bunch of fields for each pricing season and have those be within the property record. However, I'd like the owners to be able to: A) create new pricing seasons and B) be able to change the dates for each seasons all at once.

So, is it possible to create a multi record section that has the fields: season_value, season_label, season_dates

This section would be dragsortorder sorted, so they can control the ordering.

Then, somehow tie this section to the property records....so when you create/modify a record, it first looks to this season section to get all the fields. Sort of dynamically building in the admin from another section. Now the only thing is....the price. See the season and dates are the same throughout all properties...but each property needs it's own price for that season. Also, some properties wouldn't have all the seasons.....so for example if a price for a season listed was blank, it wouldn't show on the display page.

Not sure I'm making sense.....but if anyone has any ideas, let me know.

Thing is, we love being able to make other sections populate other sections lists for example....that way the client doesn't have to get into the Section Editor to add a new entry. We'd love to be able to build something like this with these seasons/dates.



By gregThomas - December 18, 2012

Hi Kevin,

It sounds like you already know how to link sections using a list field, but if not you can read how to do it here:


I would created three separate sections, one for properties, one for seasons, and one for prices.

Season Section
In this section I would store the name of the season, and the date it starts and finishes.

Properties Section
In here I would store any property related information that you want to display on the page.

Prices section
This section would link up to the other two sections. I would have a dropdown list field that allows you to select a property, and another drop down list field that allows you to select a season and finally have a field for the price.

This should allow your customer to easily rename seasons, change the dates, etc for all of the properties at once.

Then on the main site details page for a property, you could retrieve all of the related prices for a property from the prices section, and then find the season that relates to each price.

Is this close to what you are looking for?

Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com

By weblm - December 18, 2012


Thanks for the reply.....very interesting way to look at it. That's why I love these forums!!

Yes I know how to link sections....we do that now for things like reviews that we have them select a property.

I'm going to look into testing your way.....it definitely sounds possible. The only real issue is speed of updating. Every property will have about 6 different season rates......so with around 26 properties.....that would end up being 156 entries in the last Prices section.

BUT...this is very interesting and might just work.

Thanks so much!


By weblm - December 19, 2012


Ok, I have something working and will post code shortly to get some people's opinions on it.

One question I had is.....do you know if there is a way to have a multi record section not allow duplicate entries based on TWO fields. I know I can do one field....but I really want to restrict it based on the combo of two fields.

So in my Prices section.....I have:

property field list - this is pulled in from the Properties section
season field list - this is pulled in from the Seasons section
price text field - this is a blank tet field

Ideally what I'd like is to not let them enter a new record if a combo of BOTH property and season are being used.

Any ideas if this is possible?


By gregThomas - December 19, 2012

Hi Kevin,

This isn't possible in the current build of CMS Builder, but it should be fairly simple to create a plugin that can do this. If you know how to create plugins, the hook you will needs is record_save_errorchecking.

If you require, you can send an e-mail to consulting@interactivetools.com and we can give you a estimate to build the plugin.


Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com