Nearly a month.  Hmmmmm.  Perhaps it's time to submit a ticket.  Ahem. ...

 FTP to /cgi-bin/article manager directory name/data and delete the file "filelock.lock"


Hey Dave, can you please restore the old help? It's hellish with legacy software when its forum archives are gone. :-)

Many thanks, Nigel!  Unfortunately, that didn't resolve the issue.  I'll second the request to Dave for the old forums.  I can't request a support ticket because I can't get my ID number, because it's in the Admin section I can't log into.  Ugh!

By - January 3, 2013 - edited: January 3, 2013

deleting that file was the solution that used to be on the forums. it doesn't harm anything. It's a temp file designed to stop different users overwriting each other.