By welshchris - November 13, 2012 - edited: November 13, 2012

... AM2 is unusable on my iPad because instead of the wysiwyg editor appearing I get a message which tells me that my browser does not support RTE.

I'm using the latest iPad 4 with the recent IOS 6.0.1 update. I've also updated tinymce to version 3.5.7.

It's impossible to find out on the web exactly how to implement this, which is why I'm writing here. I've simply overwritten the old tinymce files in the content/wysiwyg/scripts directory on my server, but still no joy - are there parts of the AM2 scripts that need moifying to call the new version of tinymce?

See this page for what I need to achieve - it must be possible! - all advice gratefully received [:)]

Edited to add:

The demo page on the tinymce website works perfectly on my ipad:

So I guess the fix for AM2 is possible??