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Re: [InHouse] Wish List Item: Backend Styling

By Dave - November 22, 2012

Hi Jayme,

We're in the processing of rewriting the field library which will allow us to do all this in a standardized way. Right now it's challenging because the code is spread out in too many different places.

I'll email you direct to discuss further. Thanks.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [Dave] Wish List Item: Backend Styling

Hi Dave,

Glad to see that this topic is under discussion again.

One of the things that’s been on my wish list for quite a while, is to be able to place fields next to each other horizontally when creating an editor, instead of just vertically.

That way sets of fields like address blocks (Last Name, Middle Initial, First Name, City, State, Zip), beginning and ending dates and times, and other similar sets could be made a lot more logical, compact and “user friendly”.

I’ve also wanted to be able to customize the way the ListPage Fields are displayed on a record list. There are times when the spacing of the displayed field labels would benefit from being more consistent, making their layout a bit more readable (and professional looking).

Just another 2 cents worth.


Jerry Kornbluth
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Re: [gkornbluth] Wish List Item: Backend Styling

By nmsinc - November 24, 2012

[font "Times New Roman"]I have always felt that the best idea would be to code a form builder into each section that would build a form based on the current section editor that could then be customized to the client’s template leaving the backend administration for the use of building the sections.[/#000000]

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[font "Times New Roman"]This keeps the client out of the CMS builder and allows the administrator to set his/her own access to these forms based on user preferences set by the CMS administartor.[/#000000]

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[font "Times New Roman"]Just an idea![/#000000]