we have this site built with the listings manager CMS.
We recently migrated to a new server and the featured listings stopped working.
When I check this link: http://www.karavas.gr/cgi-bin/listman/exec/search.cgi?search=1&lfield21_keyword=yes&template=_featured_results_en.html
I get this error: Template : Template cell 'not_found' is not defined!
and nothing comes back on the index page.
Any idea, what might be the problem?
THhe search function works properly on the rest of the website.
Thanks in advance

Re: [dimitris] featured_listings

By Damon - October 30, 2012


Check that this template the _featured_results_en.html template includes all the template cells.

Compare it to the working _search_results.html template and you will be able to see what is missing.

Hope that helps!
Damon Edis

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Re: [Damon] featured_listings

Thanks a lot for getting back to me. I tried what you said. Now the featured_results_en.html does not give me any errors, but it still gives me no results. I only get a blank page while on the front page I get this error [an error occurred while processing this directive] on the position I was expecting the featured results.
Any other ideas?
Thanks a lot once again