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I'm coming across an increasing number of projects where a competitor is quoting for the work but using Wordpress as a platform.

One of their arguments is invariably that it's great for SEO.

Is this something you've looked at in terms of why Wordpress might be good at SEO and the possibility of being able to build similar functionality into CMS Builder?

It would be useful to be counter any pro argument for Wordpress with an equally good one for CMS Builder.

Thanks, Paul.

Re: [pothompson] SEO capabilities

Hi Paul,

One of the reasons Wordpress is good at SEO is because of how restrictive it is. It only allows you to create a very limited page structures and types. As CMS Builder gives you much more freedom it is possible to create pages that are even better optimized than wordpress.

CMS Builder can already do several things to improve page rankings, for example creating SEO friendly links for details pages and having a quick page load time. But most of the SEO will come down to ensuring the page template you use is optimized for SEO. For example by having modern html markup. Also ensuring that every page has keywords and a description on it.

Also CMS Builder has many benefits over wordpress. It allows you to create completely custom site types very easily, there are no restrictions in the type of templates you can use and it's much more secure than wordpress.

If there are any features that you think we could add to CMS Builder that would help with SEO let us know and we will look into them.

Greg Thomas

PHP Programmer - interactivetools.com

Re: [greg] SEO capabilities

By Twocans - October 13, 2012

Sitemaps are most important for seo. I have used this for static sites with about 20 odd pages


It works v v well. but I would be interested if you guys came up with a plugin that would produce the sitemap.xml ror.xml, robots.txt, urllist.txt, and sitemap.html.

Where as the above is excellent for static sites, it would be real fun to have one that could deal with master detail pages thus including all the detail pages.



Re: [twocans] SEO capabilities

By Zicky - October 14, 2012

I use SiteMap Automator to generate my site maps. Works quite well and speeds up the entire process.

Re: [zick] SEO capabilities

By Toledoh - October 15, 2012


I've been using this - it's free, but an ugly solution.

Tim Forrest

Toledoh Enterprises


Re: [pothompson] SEO capabilities

By equinox - October 25, 2012

Wow! A topic I can address! Of nearly all the canned cms-system free systems out there...Wordpress has probably the best plugin SEO available. That sounds promising, and it works well, EXCEPT...being the best at a "C or D Level" is not necessarily something to brag about. The free SEO plugin for Wordpress works well, and better than other canned plugins. If any CMSB programming web developer knows the basics of good SEO, then they have the innate ability to provide exponentially better SEO to a site than Wordpress can deliver. Like most systems, WP is limited. There are also some major security flaws hackers can exploit (but that's another issue).

So, in short, you can prebuild SEO guidelines in with CMSB that are lightyears ahead of Wordpress'. The flexibility and creativity afforded by CMSB to do this is amazing. In fact, it the MAIN reason I have chosen CMSB over every other CMS system available - public domain and private sourced.

What would be REALLY HELPFUL however, and I've been asking for several years now, is a plugin with the ability to build sitemap pages. It doesn't even have to be complicated...just be able to outpul ALL the html (php) links (built by CMSB) to a single flat page. Taking the time, I could probably figure out how to do it. I'm not a great programmer, but I can muddle through...although I am certifiable as a search engine specialist. I just like Dave and his team at IT to build most plugins because they are great programmers.

Hope that helps the conversation.
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