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Re: [Deborah] sorting fields within a record

By Jason - June 18, 2012

Hi Deborah,

You can try using the PHP min() function to get the lowest numerical value like this:

$price = min($record['price_option_01'], $record['price_option_02'], $record['price_option_03']);

Hope this helps
Jason Sauchuk - Project Manager

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Re: [Jason] sorting fields within a record

By Deborah - June 18, 2012

Hi, Jason.

Yes! That is the solution I needed. After plugging in the function, I realized I need to account for null fields, so I went online and found a way to filter those out. (Might be of help to someone else.)

The following returns lowest numerical value and ignores null fields:

$min = array($record['option_01_price'], $record['option_02_price'], $record['option_03_price']);
$min = array_filter($min);
echo min($min);

Thanks very much for your help!
~ Deborah