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By paulmac - March 26, 2012


On a client's site running CMSB I have a news ticker that displays a list of the news items. They added a new news item and then clicked on preview (this was the first time they had used preview). Since they did this the news items do not display in the ticker.

When they clicked on preview thay went to a page that couldn't be displayed -

Is it possible that dping the preview has had some effect on the ticker?

Thanks for any help

Re: [paulmac] Error on preview

By (Deleted User) - March 26, 2012

Hi paulmac,

It sounds like it might just be a setting missing in the Section Editors->[TABLE]->Viewer Urls 'Detail Page' (or preview page if the page is different).

The long string of 9's is normal output for the preview page (it creates a temp record to show the page in question).

With regard to the ticker not working, how is it being populated? My guess is that the new items are not being 'published' which means that the query to get the news items wouldn't return them.

Let me know if this helps,


Re: [Tom P] Error on preview

By paulmac - March 26, 2012

Hi Tom

I'm populating it with the following:

// load records
list($latest_newsRecords, $latest_newsMetaData) = getRecords(array(
'tableName' => 'latest_news',