Re: [mkabbashi] I hope urgent help

By Damon - October 31, 2011


>How much the price?

You can purchase an Article Manager license for $99.95 here:

>Can it be done by bank transfer

Payments can be handled by Visa, MasterCard or PayPal. Sorry bank transfer is not available.

Please note that Article Manager doesn't include free support and is intended for previous customers who have used it before.

If you haven't used Article Manager, consider CMS Builder

Hope that helps!
Damon Edis

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Re: [mkabbashi] I hope urgent help

AMAZING how quickly they reply when there's a few $$$$$$$$$$$$ involved.

AM2 is a great product ( it set this company up ) and I cannot for the life of me understand why they have abbandond their loyal customers, even to the extent that there isn't even a live forum for previous customers of AM1 and AM2..

However, it is a great product ! ENJOY