Re: [bonnie72] First headline not showing correctly

By dimeco - August 25, 2011

You need to look at your style.css files.

There may be two.

The first one to check/focus on would be whatever you are using as your theme - in your source code (html view), see where it calls for any .css file.

Then open it to see if any headlines are calling it to a smaller size, OR if your "h1" or "h2" tags are set to show smaller.

Secondly - in your cgi-bin/folder (artman?)/templates/singlepages/ you'll find a styleSheet.css.

Check the font sizes in the header and summary_title fields.

If it says like a font size 10, you need to make it bigger like 14 or 16.

If you want to give me your URL, I can peek at it for you by viewing the source code and see if I can find the problem.


Re: [dimeco] First headline not showing correctly

Hi Amber,

Thanks for your reply! I'm sorry, I didn't see your answer earlier.