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By Deborah - June 8, 2011

I have a form that posts data submitted by a logged-in user to a separate table (not the 'accounts' table). I have all of the text fields posting as intended, but don't have an example for file uploads or how to post the logged-in username to that table.

I've searched the forum posts, but can't find any examples for either. (I might be searching the wrong terms?)

Any guidance provided would be much appreciated.

~ Deborah

Re: [Deborah] posting logged-in user uploads to database

By Toledoh - June 8, 2011 - edited: June 8, 2011

I need something like this also...

I've found but this is for logged in members to post to the user table.

I want a form that non-members can access and upload their resume.

Any suggestions?

I've attached the file I've been working on... lines 33-68 refer to the user accounts... I'm totally out of my league here.
Tim (

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