By svsanchez - March 26, 2011

Hello everyone

I upgraded from artman 1 to artman 2 about 3 years ago and am very happy with the product, however I was hit by a sudden drop in traffic from google, and while researching I found about 'canonical' version of a page. When I upgraded from artman 1 to artman 2 I told the program to use filenames which contained the title of the articles to help improve my rankings, and so I was left up with 2 versions of my site, the old artman 1 articles with the usual article###.shtml filename and the new artman 2 articles with title-of-story.shtml filename, and would like to know how I can run the artman 1 program to add a link rel="canonical" tag to all those pages.

Can anyone help me?

Thank you!
Sven Sanchez

Re: [morris] canonical version after upgrade from artman 1 to artman 2

By svsanchez - March 28, 2011

Hello morris, thank you for your suggestion. I found another post suggesting to use artman2 to republish all my articles with the old name styling adding the rel="canonical" and a redirect to the new page and this has worked great :) However my site is very big, with over 60,000 articles and I used artman1 to publish only about 18,000 so every time I 'convert' a portion of my site I have a hard time removing the newest articles to overwrite only the old ones, which is difficult with FTP as it only allows me to see 2000 files. Do you know of a way to tell artman2 to only publish articles between certain dates or up to an article number?
Sven Sanchez