Do I-Tools Work With Drupal?

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By PJP - May 16, 2009

InteractiveTools remind me of Drupal modules. Do they work with Drupal installations or are they competitors with Drupal?

Re: [PJP] Do I-Tools Work With Drupal?

By Donna - May 18, 2009

Hi there,

Our software is standalone and doesn't integrate with third party software. :) Drupal & CMS Builder have similar tasks, so if you have one, you generally wouldn't need the other.


Re: [Donna] Do I-Tools Work With Drupal?

By PJP - May 18, 2009

Thanks Donna.

Re: [Donna] Do I-Tools Work With Drupal?

By ibis70 - January 10, 2010

Hi Donna,
We are currently deciding what steps to take to upgrade our site. I've also been looking at Drupal and we have our shop working with it now and the rest of the site on Article Manager however I wouldnt mind knowing what you think the advantages you think CMS Builder has over Drupal before I make any decisions.

Re: [ibis70] Do I-Tools Work With Drupal?

By Dave - January 11, 2010

Hi Elisabeth,

We get a lot of people moving over from Joomla, Drupal, etc. The general consensus is those are great packages if you want a site that looks and works exactly like they work. As soon as you want to do something outside of that "box", though, it can be very challenging.

CMS Builder takes the opposite approach. It makes it much easier to build exactly the CMS you need giving you complete control over sections, fields, website display, etc.

And once you get familiar with CMS Builder you can build very customized sites amazingly fast with it (as shown in our video demo).

So from a business perspective the main advantage would be faster development time and lower margins. (As an example, we can build CMSB sites twice as fast as Artman sites).

From a developer perspective the main advantage would be more flexibility and freedom. You don't have the understand how CMSB works to use the simple generated code (or extend it if you know a little PHP or MySQL).

Hope that helps, let me know if you have any questions.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [Dave] Do I-Tools Work With Drupal?

By ibis70 - January 11, 2010

Hi Dave,

I'd like to thank you for a very useful explanation. I've been using Drupal for our e-store for a few weeks now running alongside Art Man. Although its jam packed with features and possibilities (modules), I really only got it to work well with the help of an experienced Drupal programmer.

Drupal will get pretty expensive in the long run eventhough its open source. Especially for small companies like mine.