Re: [Maurice] Pricing add ons

i bought 8 plugins... and i own only 3 cmsb licenses.

im using only ONE plugin, in one of the licenses (csv export).

another plugins, i bought just to take a look.

imho, the new license policy seems quite expensive.

Re: [flamerz] Pricing add ons

I agree we own many cmsb and wanted to by 10 more but now with this new pricing i think it will force us to buy les and go to word press.

Re: [Maurice] Pricing add ons

As i see it, IT is struggling with there pricing issue not only for the add ons but also with cmsb thats to bad they are great builders but not great business men why dos teams like magento and sugarcrm make lots of money and have great community's here the community is only people with programming problems.

i think CMSB is a super great product i love working with it cause it gives me lots of freedom but IT is killing slowly there own product to bad.

I hope they will see the light some day cause i think there community is great, ready and able to help theme to a higher level.

just use the magic wand called social media.


Re: [Maurice] Pricing add ons

By Dave - September 29, 2010


Geez, we haven't even broken even on some of those plugins. We're just releasing our internal tools to help people and we're selling them for way less than it cost us (or would cost someone else) to develop.

And reason people post programming issues is because CMSB is an open system where you can extend it beyond the software itself. People ask about things because they are possible. It would be very easy for us to lock it down and make it hard to extend it and then we'd have none of those questions. Or we could just say it's not possible, as many companies do.

The problem with the other systems is they always lock you into building cookie-cutter sites that are all the same.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [Dave] Pricing add ons

Wow guys!

If you don't like it - don't use it. No one is forcing you to.

I personally re-brand it all and mark up the costs by well over 500%... and it is still a very cheap solution to my clients.

It seems to me that the better the solution gets, and the wider the scope of possiblity it creates, the more some people seem to expect.

The way I see it, I've got a fantastic platform to work off, something that I couldn't achieve by myself. Then, if there's something a bit out of my reach that's just "tweaking" the current functionality, I can ask some questions and get some answers from a very helpful and friendly community. If it's additional fucntionality - I pay very reasonable fees to get it built for me.

I have tried the "free" options, and from 16 years experience - 9 of which has been using Interactive Tools software - I would much rather pay a bit more to know that the product is sound, that there's a good community and that I can run to someone for fast and professional help at a price that is not going to break me.

I'm loving that some of you guys out there who have a much better programming background than myself are contributing your own intellectual property to make things even better by adding your own plugins to the community for free - I love it and appreciate it! Thanks! But others seem to expect it all for free - I simply dont agree.

Maybe the mistake that IT has made has been to set our expectations too low.

That's my humble opinion - sorry if others don't agree.

Tim Forrest

Toledoh Enterprises

Re: [Toledoh] Pricing add ons

some of us not see the super duper discount in:

"Save hundreds of dollars on your unlimited add-ons for one more week."

looks like we have to hurry for not pay 3 times more for the same.

but im happy to see somebody getting 500% of profit with a pdf plugin that will cost 300 bucks. (same prize than a commercial Expression Engine license).

this is outside my budget... sorry.

Re: [flamerz] Pricing add ons

By Dave - September 30, 2010


You're talking about a lot of different things:
- Yes we're raising the price.
- Comparing a PDF Plugin/API price with another CMS price doesn't make sense
- Comparing unlimited license cost with a per-site license cost doesn't make sense
- You already have many of the plugins so this doesn't apply to you anyways

>"i bought 8 plugins... im using only ONE plugin... another plugins, i bought just to take a look. "

You said earlier you're not actually using the plugins? If you're buying plugins out of curiosity or personal interest it will be very expensive.

If you're not reselling them, why did you buy them and what are you using them for? Was it to learn about how to write plugins?

They're meant for resale and allow you to offer your clients new features and services. If you're not making money on them many we could give you some tips on how to make money with them. If you want us to give you tips on writing plugins we can probably help with that.

What is it you are actually looking for?
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [Maurice] Pricing add ons

Dave and the InteractiveTools team,

I guess we're just dumb because our team is extremely grateful for your CMSB product, it's pricing, the add-ons and their respective pricing. We used to outsource a LOT more and had to pay a LOT more for the level of quality and control we wanted - that your products provide us directly now. Yes, we could 'maybe' save a bit by going to another type of CMS system or even use WordPress. We have nothing against WordPress and it's becoming more flexible except there is something that CMSB provides us that joomla, droopal, some others, and even the mighty wordpress do not - much more complete control over the design and integration of the websites we build for clients. That control extends into another important area that most of the people on this forum, even the bigger companies and "experts" don't comprehend - building for search engine optimization. This is the ONLY CMS system we've come across in the last 10 years that does not compromise the SEO processes we've designed, built and honed to near perfection - we're able to incorporate them seamlessly into CMSB sites.

Please feel free to keep capitalizing off of our "stupidity".
"Insanity is doing the same thing over-and-over while expecting a different result."