I previously purchased the website membership plugin, but I see there is a new version 1.02. I logged in an downloaded the plug-in again, but I am getting version 1.01. The changelog indicates that it's 1.02, but the websiteMembership.php file says it's version 1.01 in the comments at the beginning of the file.

Re: [zip222] Website Membership Plugin - How to get new version

By Donna - September 23, 2010

Hi Zip,

It's correct. :) Looks like when it was updated, they forgot to update the version number in the zip file. I compared the download to the "official" 1.02, and they're identical save for the version number.

Thanks for catching that -- I'll get that updated on the site as well. (Or, you can just change the version number to 1.02 manually so you know it's the right one.)