Having read the documentation, and noting under Publishing Rules it saying "By default there will be 15 publishing rules," I have looked in both my publishing rules and the db_publishrules.dat.cgi file and am unable to find a rule for a search box. In the documentation it mentions a Search Box Rule that "creates a basic search box (keyword and category) that gets included onto all your pages."

I have looked in the original zip file and cannot find the rule there either(I thought I might have deleted it)

Can someone help me create a rule with the correct entries or send db_publishrules.dat.cgi with the search box code?

Re: [marlowreview] AM - Publishing Rules - Search

I can be reached at john@marlowreview.com or 580-658-6657.

Re: [marlowreview] AM - Publishing Rules - Search

Don't think you need a publishing rule for the search box.

You'll find the search box here: http://www.yoursite.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi and the templates to edit in the usual templates folder.

What are you trying to do?

Re: [dan_999] AM - Publishing Rules - Search

Actually I should say - if you have the search box coded onto a page somewhere you won't need a rule for it.

If you have the search box on a seperate page and 'include' that in your page then you will.