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By JLynne77 - August 20, 2010 - edited: August 20, 2010

getRecords(phone_directory): Unknown field 'title' in filenameFields or titleField options!

I'm receiving this error after attempting to add a record, and then when attempting to view the section editor after that. I have to delete the entire section editor and start over.

-New install of v.2.05
-Added a new multi record menu item, but not a pre-formatted one.
-Deleted existing 'title' and 'content' fields. Have also attempted renaming those fields to what I need.
-Added new fields to fill in those I need. Three textboxes and two checkboxes are the final format for a record. No special characters in the field names. Used quick add.
-Can access section editor before any records are entered.
-Add a record. A record consists of a name, phone number, job position, and checking off if this person is either executive or staff. Format for Name, Phone Number, and Position fields is:

"Name W. Initial", "123-456-7890 Ext. 000", "Position"

-Receive error.
-Section editor list in Admin area shows one record exists.
-Attempt to access section editor to delete bad record, but receive error.

I have attempted deleting and recreating this particular section editor several times now. I have tried deleting the existing fields and creating brand new ones. I have tried modifying the existing fields to fit what I need. I have also tried removing 'title' and 'content' from the viewing, sort and search areas of the section editor details. All with the same results.

Any thoughts? Is more information needed?

Thanks in advance for any help.
~Jessica Sullivan, Crystal Realm Designs.

Re: [Donna] Unkown Field Error

By JLynne77 - August 20, 2010

Aha... it was the Viewer setting I missed. I got the one in General. It's working now.

Thank you very much!
~Jessica Sullivan, Crystal Realm Designs.