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By (Deleted User) - August 12, 2010


This is my code:

<p>Last Updated on: <?php echo $minyanRecord['updatedDate'] ?></p>

Re: [RapidWeb] Display Last Updated Date

By Chris - August 12, 2010

Hi RapidWeb,

I'm not sure what you want. Is that not working for you?
All the best,

Re: [RapidWeb] Display Last Updated Date

By gkornbluth - August 12, 2010

Hi Rapidweb,

I would think that would work on a detail page,

On a list page <p>Last Updated on: <?php echo $record['updatedDate'] ?></p> inside your foreach loop should display the last updated date for each record.


If formatting is the issue, then, to display M D, Y use: <?php echo date("M jS, Y", strtotime($minyanRecord['updatedDate'])) ?> or <?php echo date("M jS, Y", strtotime($record['updatedDate'])) ?>

There are many more ways to format and use dates described in the "WORKING WITH DATES" section of my CMSB Cookbook http://www.thecmsbcookbook.com

Hope that helps you.

Jerry Kornbluth
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Re: [chris] Display Last Updated Date

By (Deleted User) - August 13, 2010

Sorry... but the question part is missing from my post. The Question is how to display it in US date format Month, Day, Year. Like this: 08/13/2010, or even better yet August 13, 2010. Also, without the time. Just the date.

Re: [RapidWeb] Display Last Updated Date

By (Deleted User) - August 13, 2010

OK... I got it right thanks to the CMSB Cookbook:


You can see it in the bottom of the page "was Last Updated on: Aug 13th, 2010".