By RonPeterson - July 7, 2010

We have a site that is using artman2. It seems that none of the "articles" are being scanned by google ( " wordsearch") It does seem that some of the "summaries" are being searched. Any help to get goolge to find more of our content?

Re: [Kimber] Google search

I too had that problem and yes, Google site maps solved it. I also have created my own site map since that and that worked well too. In fact, with inner page optimization, I have gotten a higher keyword ranking for an inner page versus the home page. Google likes to see most of the pages optimized separately and differently.

Re: [RonPeterson] Google search

By gwiley - January 2, 2011

There's a mod that you can do that when you publish ArtMan2 will create a sitemaps.xml. Search the forums. I can try to find what I did if you need it.

Then use Google's Webmaster Tools to point it to the file and you should start seeing more of your content on the search engines and get higher rankings, too.

I repost content from other websites related to what I post and I often times get higher rankings. But, I added meta keywords and such into my article creation template page.

Re: [gwiley] Google search

By luis013 - January 9, 2012

use google tools webmaster is a great help, and are also highly recommended meta tags that will help Google crawl your site and indexing [:)]