I've recently started doing some web updates for a company that has been using article manager. We are having a problem. On the main page, I keep having "Sponsored By xxxxx" showing up in one of the positions populated by article manager. I've manually removed this from the page, but everytime a new set of articles (in this case daily obituaries) are added, it comes back. The problem is that I can't figure out where it is coming from.

Here is the code for the position it is populating:

<TR><TD align="center"><hr><span class="morestories2"><a href="http://www.lebanondailyrecord.com/publish/obituaries.shtml">OBITUARIES</a></span><br />
<!--#exec cgi="/exec/search.pl?cat=26&start=1&perpage=5&template=index/articlesnews.html" -->

I've checked the "articlesnews.html" file to see if the sponsored by is there, but it is not. I'm assuming it is actually coming from article manager, but I don't know where to remove it in article manager.

Please help!!!!!!