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Hi there, having probs with the 'where' part of this statement:

$numType = $yacht_typeRecord['url'];
list($yachtsRecords, $yachtsMetaData) = getRecords(array(
'tableName' => 'yachts',
'where' => "type LIKE '$numType'",
'useSeoUrls' => true,
'allowSearch' => false,
'debugSql' =>'true',

The record 'type' has multiple values seperated by tabs such as:
" motor catamaran "

any pointers?

Many thanks

Re: [aquaman] Syntax for 'where'

By Jason - April 13, 2010


Try changing your first line to this:

Hope this helps.
Jason Sauchuk - Project Manager

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Re: [Jason] Syntax for 'where'

That worked great, thanks :)

Re: [InHouse] Syntax for 'where'

Thanks for the tips, really helps to see working examples - still getting a handle on the correct syntax to use.