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By felixr - February 24, 2010

As a old AM user, later to see the CMS demo, I looks very nice. It´s look a mixture between Article Manager and Listings much more powerful.

Later to visit Styleshout.com (nice templates), my concern is about the 'menus'. If CMS create it´s own menu, how may include this 'automatic CMS menus' inside the Styleshout´s templates.

My experience it´s not very good when I buy a template by instance in Templatemonster.com and I don´t use more than five percent template.

By other side, I understand that when CMS create the code, I just may to paste between any <div> tag which may be drive by any CSS. Is it right?.

Thanks a lot., Felix from Spain
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Re: [felixr] About third party templates

Hi Felixr,

we used to be AM die hards and started using CMSB just a few weeks we too where a little skeptic about CMSB cause we love AM and we still think as a news cms its better than CMSB but CMSB is better and faster for building small sites.
We build a lot in the last few weeks.

Yes you just need to past between de div tags but most template builders use for menu the <ul> <li> tags for menus in there CSS CMSB is great on that part and let u build very fast with out too much knowledge of php and CMSB.

I'm in Madrid next week so if you want to meet up I can show you ;-)

or mail me and I will help.

Greetz Maurice


Re: [felixr] About third party templates

Hola Felix,

si has usado AM, CMSB te gustará mas todavia.