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Hi there,

I'm using a simple CMSB-based search form which looks through one table and searches against title, content and author fields.

The content search (at least) is producing unexpected results and returning records which don't appear to have any variation of the search term in them.


A search 'in content' for the term "networking" produces many results (as expected) but included in those results is an article where that term does not appear in the body content. (http://www.networkingtoday.com/article/Business%20Profile:%20Mind-Over-Weight%20Success%20Formula-1084)

That term does appear in the back-end but is in other fields than the content.

Any ideas on how this is happening or how to tighten up the search function?


Re: [InHouse] Unexpected Search Result

By Dave - September 30, 2009

Hi Jayme,

If you view source on that page it looks like the term "networking" can be found in an html comment in that page. Search for "networking-today" in the view-source html.

I'm not sure why the html comment survived being pasted into the wysiwyg, but removing it should remove the search result.

Hope that helps! Let me know what happens.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer