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Re: [craighodges] file manager

By InHouse - August 26, 2009

Hi Craig,

Should be easy enough. We do this all the time. The only 'gotcha' being that you need to include 'pdf' in the accepted list of extensions in the WYSIWYG editor. In the admin area of your table, edit the settings of the WYSIWYG editor's "Input Validation -> Upload settings ->
File extensions allowed: " to include 'pdf' (not ".pdf").

Experience shows that some of these PDFs can get quite large so make sure your file weight settings match your expectations.


Re: [InHouse] file manager

By craig_bcd - August 26, 2009

Hey J -

Thanks so much, exactly what I needed. I wondered if there was a way to make that global across the site rather than editing each wysiwyg section within each section. Ihave 150 pages to create for this site.

Again, thanks so much, exactly what I needed.


Re: [craighodges] file manager

By Chris - August 27, 2009

Hi craighodges,

The default list of extensions in CMSb 1.31 is "gif,jpg,png,wmv,mov,swf,pdf". If pdf isn't in your list, consider upgrading. Please note that you'll want to upgrade *before* creating those fields because that's when the defaults are copied.

150 sections? Do some of your pages share the exact same fields? If so, you could use Multi record section(s) and delete (or keep secret) the List viewer for that section after you've collected the Detail page links for each record. That might make your job a lot easier!
All the best,