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By InHouse - August 14, 2009

Food for thought...

The "Field Description" textbox associated with textfield editor elements is very useful. Being able to leave comments for users is helpful for reducing the questions they tend to ask after site-launch. It's also good for me when I return to a project after many months to remember the tricks for that site.

I'd love to see "Field Descriptions" associated with more (all) input elements in future versions of CMSB. Right now I'm using HTML separators with style calls but this gets a little messy and varies from one project to another. Ideally, a "Field Description" element would also get a style class which is consistent throughout the application so that instructional notes can be given a different style than the field labels.

TIP: For those who have not tried it, these Field Descriptions also support basic HTML so you can add a linebreak or emphasize parts of your notes for clarity and aesthetics.

My $0.02 worth.


Re: [InHouse] Editor Wish List Item (minor)

By Dave - August 18, 2009

Thanks I'll put this on the feature list.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer