Is CMS Builder included as apart of Article Manager?

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By TC Topps - November 16, 2008


I am new to this site.

I have been reading great reviews for Interactivetools. I believe it is directly related to the customer service. So many of the other CMS vendors are poor if not rude in customer service, have communication proplems, or worse weakly written scripts.

I am wondering do I need CMS Builder if I purchase Article Manager? Does CMS include the same content management abilities as Article Manager?

Since I have more of a graphic designer background, I can appreciate not having to be a HTML expert to layout a site. I want flexiblity in placement of plugins or layout.

I was wondering if automatic updated RSS importation is included with both programs.

Thanks for helping me with our buying decisions.

TC Topps

Re: [TC Topps] Is CMS Builder included as apart of Article Manager?

By TC Topps - November 17, 2008


Is there a comparison chart for your products with Vivvo, Interspire CMS products, Expression Engines? What are the strenghts of your product that will maintain my freedom from any aspect of programming the code when making any change such as a category heading or page change.


TC Topps