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By terryally - November 15, 2008 - edited: November 15, 2008

I have an issue in CMSB where the last letter of the paragraph is repeating on the next line. This appears to be in IE6 only. I am running four websites each using CMSB and it has happened, I think, on all of them.

The most recent which I just completed and it has happened again is http://www.lakesideworlddarts.co.uk/links.php.

This page is using the multi-category type menu.

Can you tell me how I may correct this?


Re: [terryally] Last letter repeating

By Dave - November 17, 2008

Hi Terry,

I had to hunt around a bit to find a computer with IE6 installed but I was able to reproduce the issue you described.

I'm not sure what the cause or fix is but I can tell you that it's an HTML issue. The browser doesn't know if the HTML content is coming from a PHP script, or a CMS, or a plain html file. It's all the same to the browser.

The quickest solution is to click "Save Page" in the browser, and save the output to a plain html file (test.html) and upload that along side links.php.

View the new file and confirm that the error still occurs in the .html file, then try changing the html until it goes away (try adding and removing things). When you figure it out in the html file, it should be pretty straightforward to duplicate in the CMS output.

Hope that helps. It looks like it's a weird IE6 rendering quirk. The html looked fine from everything I could see. Changing the order of the html will likely fix it.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer