Thumbnails and previews disappear on resize

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By gkornbluth - October 13, 2008 - edited: October 13, 2008

Hi all,

I have an upload field in a multi record section editor and am using multiple thumbnail sizes.

After I uploaded a number of images, I found that I needed to adjust one of the thumbnail sizes (thumb2) in order for it to display correctly on my web page.

When I modified the thumbnail sizes in the section editor and then clicked on “recreate”, the counter cycled through all of the thumbnails and said “done”. I saved the modifications and saved the detail.

When I looked at the individual records, the previews had all disappeared.

When I returned to the web page and refreshed it, all of the thumbnails of all sizes were gone.

I went back and recreated both the thumb and thumb2 thumbnails and resaved, but the result was the same.

I checked the upload directories and noticed that all of the /thumb2 thumbnails had been recreated and _001 had been appended to the file names. The thumbnails in the /thumbs directory did not have the _001 appended.

The source code of my web page was looking for the _001 for all the thumb sizes.

The first time this happened I ended up having to re-upload all the images.

This time I found that if I changed at least one dimension in all of the thumbnail sizes, and then recreated all of them, I could get everything to show as it should. I'm confused... This doesn't seem right and I must not understand the process well enough.

This time I though I'd ask if anyone have a clue what I’ve been doing wrong?


Jerry Kornbluth
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Re: [gkornbluth] Thumbnails and previews disappear on resize

By Dave - October 13, 2008

Hi Jerry,

You should refer to the thumbnails using placeholders such as:

<img src="<?php echo $upload['thumbUrlPath2'] ?>"
width="<?php echo $upload['thumbWidth2'] ?>"
height="<?php echo $upload['thumbHeight2'] ?>"
alt="" /><br/>

The _001 filename suffix isn't used to identify thumbnails. It's used to create a unique filename if an uploaded file already exists with the same name. So some uploads may haev it and others won't.

If you use the placeholders to output the filename you should get the right value every time.

Hope that helps!
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [gkornbluth] Thumbnails and previews disappear on resize

By Dave - October 13, 2008

Hi Jerry,

I can get in there and take a look if you like. Can you send me simple step by step instructions to re-create the issue and CMS/FTP login details to (Don't post login details to the forum)

I'll take a look. If I can re-create it and it's an issue with CMS Builder I'll certainly fix it.

Hope that helps!
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [gkornbluth] Thumbnails and previews disappear on resize

By Dave - October 15, 2008

Just a follow up for anyone with this same problem...

This was a bug! When CMS Builder recreates thumbnails it erases the old ones first. But the problem was it only ever erased the primary thumbnail. So recreating the primary thumbnails worked fine, but recreating thumb2, etc would recreate those but erase the primary thumbnails.

I've fixed this for the next version. A work around for the meantime is to just click "recreate" on the primary thumbnail group after you recreate any secondary groups.

Hope that helps!
Dave Edis - Senior Developer