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Last Post: June 21, 2008

Hello. This is probably something really simple. But as I'm completely out of ideas now, I thought I'd seek some advice. :-)

I am trying to remove the "title" field from an "About Us" page. I am only allowing the client to change the content from a plain text box and want to keep it as straight forward as possible for them. So, I only want the "content" text box visible in their CMS Editor Window. I deleted the "uploads" item and it disappeared from the CMS Editor window nicely. But, for some reason, when I try to remove the "title" item, I get the following error:

getRecords(about_us) MySQL Error: Unknown column 'title' in 'order clause'

I also tried changing the field type to "none" so that the field would still exist, but then it would not be visible in the client's CMS Editor window. But, I get the same error.

Unfortunately, it appears that the item not only has to exist, but the field also has to appear on the Editor page to keep from getting the error. I also tried starting from scratch, building a "single" menu type so as to only include a "content" field, thinking that would keep the code from looking for it. But, it looks like you get a "title" field by default, even when building from the ground up.

Finally, since I'm sure the error is being caused by the "Sort Order" looking for the "title" field, I tried to change the sort type (or delete it completely). However, since I'm using a "single" menu type, and not a "multi", it appears that I do not have access to the "sorting" tab in order to make that change.

Any ideas? Thanks so much, in advance, for the help.

Dwelling Productions

Re: [dwelling] Removing "Title" field results in error

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for reporting this. Here's how to fix it.

- Open up /data/schema/about_us.ini.php
- Search for this line: listPageOrder = "title"
- And replace it with this (remove title): listPageOrder = ""

I'll fix that for the next release as well. It shouldn't happen when you create a custom "single" menu, but if you need to change the presets you can find them in /data/schemaPresets/ and they're in the same format.

Hope that helps, let me know if you need anything else or if you run into any other problems!
Dave Edis - Senior Developer