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By BPK - January 2, 2008 - edited: January 2, 2008

Our sports site has recently moved to using Page Publisher and whilst it 'does what it says on the tin' I am a little disappointed about the limited power it gives to end users and the maintainability of sites when adding a lot of articles - in our cases news articles, match reports etc.

Previously I have done work with other CMS such as Joomla which provide a large degree of maintainability in allowing users to update articles and automatically organising them - for example news articles can be added via the browser and will automatically be linked in and archived creating extra pages where necessary. This can then all be linked back to a dynamic home page which pulls off the top articles and shows up the headlines.

Please don't think this is a rant at your tools - as I said above it does what it claims to - but I was wondering whether Article Manager would provide some more of the functionality we require for example:

- A news section that users can add articles to and which will then display to the user, creating extra pages where necessary and showing the top articles on the home page
- A photo gallery that people can upload photos to
- A forum
- Banner management for adding banners that show on certain pages
If Article Manager does provide this how easy is it to migrate from Page Publisher to Article Manager.

Many Thanks


Re: [BPK] More Power with Article Manager?

By Donna - January 3, 2008

Hi there!

You're right -- Page Publisher has a much different focus than what it sounds like you need. Page Publisher isn't really designed to manage large sites with a lot of articles, since it can't create new pages -- it only modifies existing ones.

However, Article Manager would probably fit your needs a little better. :) It allows you to create as many articles as you'd like, with powerful category & sub-category organization. With Publish Rules, you can easily create custom lists of articles based on your specifications -- ie, "top articles" for your homepage. You can use it to create a photo gallery as well.

While there's no forum or banner management functionality, it will easily integrate with any third party software.

Because Page Publisher & Article Manager are completely separate products, there's no migration path -- they're intended to do very different things, so it's rare to switch from one to the other. So, in switching to Article Manager, you would be starting from scratch... but if you get stuck, feel free to contact our support department, and we'll do our best to make it as easy as possible for you. :)