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By Bovine Juice - August 27, 2007

Just moved all my sites to United Hosting - fantastic price, excellent support and highly recommended by all users on their forums. I took out a reseller account which I can use as I like to host upto 50 websites with 5,000 mb webspace, 50 gb bandwidth per month, 500 mailboxes they provide mysql, php, cgi, ssi, ssh access. Ensim software to manitain the back end of your websites from one control panel. and a ton of other stuff - all for £28 per month. They also provide a free enom account so you can resell domains as well.

Still looking for the catch - have not found it yet - hoping there is none!



Definitely concur with this. I'd been with a few before I signed up with United three years ago and they've been superb. Never known support as good as theirs and downtime, etc is virtually non existent.

Re: [Luke] Suggestions: Looking for a great hosting provider?

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By rolypoly - February 26, 2008

I would recommend my webhost.
I have been with them for more than 4 years and is still hosting my site with them. They are very responsive to all my support questions. I seldom run into any problem and server uptime is very good. After all, they have been in the hosting business since 2001. I would say their service is reliable and come highly recommended. Check them out at http://www.mxhub.com .
Roly paradise~ :)

Re: [Luke] Suggestions: Looking for a great hosting provider?

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By Moonworks - December 12, 2008

I use host papa.

It's a great service with everything you need, including unlimited domains, bandwidth and space. However, you don't lose out like many companies who provide this.

The customer service is also excellent.

It is usually $6.99 a month, but right now it is $4.99 a month.

Highly recomended.


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