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Re: [felixr] email alert in CMS Builder

By Dave - December 31, 2007

Hi Felix,

Thanks for the request. It doesn't, but I'll put it on the feature request list for you.
Dave Edis - Senior Developer

Re: [Dave] email alert in CMS Builder

By felixr - January 1, 2008

Have Dave, I would like to buy 12 units -and get the offer before 3rd-, but, it´s very important the 'email alert' option.

Happy New Year
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Re: [felixr] email alert in CMS Builder

By Dave - January 1, 2008

The new rates have been popular, we may keep them longer. The CHEER50 discount will definitely expire on the 3rd though.

If you want to buy a 12 pack we could rush that feature.

How do you want it to work? Just like artman? What's the minimum it would need to do to work the way you want?
Dave Edis - Senior Developer