Results page is aligned left, how can I change this?

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By gt - September 26, 2006

The web site is using the same style sheet, page layout etc: however, after doing a search the page is still central, but then clicking on one of the properties listed, the whole page moves to the left: on viewing the source for the page locally, it does align center, it's only after the page has been produced by realtor that is aligns left.......

Re: [gt] Results page is aligned left, how can I change this?

By ross - September 26, 2006

Hi there.

Thanks for posting!

I had a look at your page and it seems like the problem is IE specific. If you check out the same page with FireFox, it is still centered.

There is a lot of HTML to go through on your page so I did a little testing with a plain old <div align="center"> tag instead of digging through all the CSS and that actually seems to get things lining up again.

Could you try adding <div align="center"> right after the <body> tag on your template? Let me know how you make out [:)].
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