Cliff Stefanuk Fan Club (goodbye and good luck!).

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By MEKAEEL - April 13, 2006

oh man :(

Thank you bunches for all the help and time you gave to us,

Good luck Cliff, and you take care of your self. We will really miss you here buddy...

Best wishes,

By Lawrence - April 13, 2006

[:(][:(]Well we are very sad to hear that Cliff is moving on. While we wish him - we will miss his insight and knowledge into the IT products.

Cliff - best wishes to you!



By wendy - April 13, 2006

Hey Cliff -

Thanks so much for all your tech help! I'm sure you don't remember, but on several occassions, you've gone out of your way to help troubleshoot my code and I greatly appreciate it. Good luck in the future ventures.


Re: [wendy] Cliff Stefanuk Fan Club (goodbye and good luck!).

By joa1 - April 13, 2006

Hey Cliff,

Saying don't go won't change things... so, I'll just say thanks... and wish you all the best, and (this is gonna be difficult, but I can't wish for anyhting better!), I just hope you may find, if not a better team and group of people to work with, one that at least equals the ITools team!... IT is what it is because of people like you!... but having the luck of working with so many like minded people, and in a place like IT, sure ain't easy!...

All the best and... who knows, maybe you will come back after a while!? :) Donna did!


By fleff - April 17, 2006

Best wishes, Cliff, and many thanks for all your help over the years. The IT team is great and we'll miss you as part of it, but we're happy to have Donna back.

Most sincerely,

Litchfield, Connecticut

By Dave R - April 27, 2006

All the best from the Sunny North of England Cliff. [;)]