what's all this about?

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By alfie.romeo - December 22, 2005

when viewing your newsletter in firefox (mac), i get this message in the status bar. transfering data from server.iad.liveperson.net

it makes the scrollbar flicker slightly too. just wondered what it is and what is doing


Re: [alfie.romeo] what's all this about?

By ross - December 22, 2005

Hi Alfie.

Thanks for posting!

The status message you are getting there is coming from our little LiveChat icon but it seems to load completely for me in both FireFox and IE. It might just be a temporary thing due to high traffic on the LiveChat site.

Maybe you could let me know which version of FireFox you were using. I have 1.5 here right now but if you have a different one, upgrading might be the solution.

Keep me up to date either though [:)].
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