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By majocmatt - March 8, 2005

I am using HTMLarea and love it, I see you have discontinued it, but would anyone know why it doesn't wrap the text in the textarea? I'm not sure I know why, and I don't know much Jscript, can someone give me some help on this issue?



Re: [majocmatt] HTMLArea text wrapping

By MikeB - March 12, 2005

Hi majocmatt,

Thanks for the post! [:)]

As you had mentioned we've actually discontinued htmlArea as the development wasn't really progressing the way it was intended to.

The good news is that has actually been re-launched as a directory of WYSIWYG editors. So instead of being able to choose from just htmlArea, you'll have an entire directory of WYSIWYG editors to choose from.

The htmlArea forums are back up as a read-only archive so you may be able to take a look and see if you can find an answer to your question here:

If you have any other questions or comments please feel free to let me know! [:)]

Mike Briggs - Product Specialist

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Re: [MikeB] HTMLArea text wrapping

By majocmatt - March 13, 2005

Ok, I have another question, I looked at the demo's for all of your products, which all have basically htmlarea in them, in one form or another... a WYSIWYG nonetheless. I can see its based on the same technology because if you hold down one key it keep going sideways, doesnt wrap, similar to this forum's wysiwyg. Why is this?

I'm interested in your products, however this is a problem, no matter how small. I don't want clients accidently scrolling a letter or whatever the case, and skew the page... because this 'non-wrapping' effect blows right thru any strict proportion seeting i make.