What will happen with the HTMLArea forums?

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By kwillems - March 7, 2005

On http://www.htmlarea.com/forum/ is the following message:

"On March 31st, we will be launching a new forum for discussing WYSIWYG editors.
htmlArea 2 and 3 have been discontinued and their forums won't be returning."

As a regular visitor of the HTMLarea-forum this is a very bad news for me. Could you please reconsider your decision or at least tell us more about what you're planning to do?

Re: [kwillems] What will happen with the HTMLArea forums?

By ross - March 8, 2005

Hi kwillems.

Thanks for posting!

Since htmlArea 2 and 3 have both been discontinued, I am not entirely certain how posts about them will be handled once the new forums are launched.

What you could do, however, is start taking a look at the other great WYSIWYG editors that are listed in the main page www.htmlArea.com. As the site evolves we will be adding more and more great WYSIWYG editors to this list so I am sure you’ll be able to find a suitable replacement.

Just let me know if you have any questions [:)].
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Re: [ross] What will happen with the HTMLArea forums?

By steve_e - March 8, 2005

Hi -
I just wondered why htmlarea 2 & 3 have been discontinued?

They seemed to both be popular and have active development going on and I haven't seen the reason for killing them off...

And doesn't AM use htmlarea? I had read that it was possible to configure htmlarea in AM so that the wysiwyg editing could be converting into site css styles. Will you be changing the editor?

Yours in slight bewilderment,

Re: [ross] What will happen with the HTMLArea forums?

By ben - March 10, 2005

Abandonware, don't you just love it.... NOT!

Oh dear, well this is exactly why I have a strong preference for open source software, so this sort of thing doesn't happen!

Let me just say first of all, that I think Interactive tools is a very unique company in the way it offers very good tools for a very reasonable cost, and has a great attitude to customer support and user customisation etc.

When I was looking for a cheap-but-good news CMS program a couple of years ago I searched and searched for something that was open-source, so we would have maximum flexibility in modifying the program and customising it to suit our needs. I happened across Article Manager, and after much umming and ahhing, I decided it was worth going with the commercial product anyway as the cost was still pretty low, it was the best product I'd seen, and there was a great support forum with good interaction from Interactive Tools.

Now, I realise that HTMLArea was free, and unsupported etc etc, but if you release a product like that, you have to expect people are going to use it and integrate it with their systems! Specifically I integrated it with a Calendaring application called Calendarscript, and recommended it to others here: http://www.calendarscript.com/support/forum/Forum5/HTML/000139.html

A you can see this was 2 1/2 years ago, and I know for a fact that others have also used HTMLArea in their systems, as they have emailed me for help making it work (which I have). No doubt some of them have seen your other stuff and bought it too, so everyone's a winner!
The first I heard of HTMLArea being discontinued was somebody posting to that thread trying to find the download, and that it was discontinued.

So thats fine and everything, and of course it's entirely your right to discontinue HTMLArea, but what I think you should have done is NOT remove the download from your website altogether (what if people relying on this get corruption on their system, get hacked, lose it etc etc, and can't restore a working system) and NOT remove the forum with all the archives of past messages about HTMLArea, which was a very useful resource.

Sorry for the rant, but one of my pet peeves is people releasing a product, letting people use and rely on it, then yanking it away without any trace! If you're going to stop development of a product, GPL it, leave the source up for download, let people mirror it, THEN you can forget about it.


Re: [ben] What will happen with the HTMLArea forums?

By $SMax$ - March 10, 2005

Why I can't find threads about HTMLArea with links on RC3?

Re: [ben] What will happen with the HTMLArea forums?

By Michael Blake - March 10, 2005

I don't understand why that IT should retain a download for discontinued work. Surely the onus is on the recipient to ensure that they keep a copy of the file themselves, this is easy enough to do. There probably is a reason but I don't see it at the moment.


Re: [ben] What will happen with the HTMLArea forums?

By itoolssupport - March 16, 2005

Hi ben,

Thanks for posting.

The decision to discontinue htmlArea wasn't taken lightly, but when we looked at htmlArea critically it became clear that the project wasn't progressing the way that it was intended, so we made the decision to cancel the project. And like Ross mentioned, the resources were not there to keep things running.

So if someone has a version of htmlArea they are free to do whatever they would like with it, even take it and create their own WYSIWYG editor based on the existing code. If someone does this we'll be happy to add the link to the new WYSIWYG in the directory.

Keep in mind that there are a ton of browser based WYSIWYG editors out there now (with over 60 are listed in the directory so far) so htmlArea isn't the only option available.
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