THANK YOU for the Christmas present!!!!

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By brianbankerus - January 9, 2005

I guess it wasn't as clear as it sounded in my head. That happens.

It IS Article Manager. If I were to upgrade to get .php extensions (so I can run php scripts on the site) would my existing articles (such as article_131.shtml) be automatically converted into article_131.php?

If so, what happens to all my traffic still pointed to the shtml page? If not, what happens to my php scripts trying to run on a shtml page?

By brianbankerus - January 10, 2005

I'm not sure which version I'm using but it's not important. It's perfectly stable and meets all the needs I have (that are supported by any of the subsequent versions to date). Until we get to the MySQL thing I'll be okay. Even after that I'll probably hold out a while.