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By Rokie - October 5, 2004

Hi Guys!

Help me!!!!

I found a New PayPerClick Affiliate Program and I wanna know if somebody use their services...or have some experience with Targetpoint:

Anyway, now I am very carefull with new ads networks.. although Adsence is not so good (read high paying) as it was before, they do pay and pay in time. Just my 2 cents [:)] .


Re: [Rokie] Making money on the web

By itoolssupport - October 5, 2004 - edited: October 5, 2004

Hi Rokie,

Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum!

Though I'm not sure about the service that you have shown there, but perhaps someone else in the community has had an experience with them and they will post a recommendation for you.

If you have any additional questions please don't hesitate to let me know [:)]
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Re: [Rokie] Making money on the web

By brianbankerus - December 13, 2004

A couple things on I have never used them, which is surprising since I've tried out just about every other advertising network on the web (well, those that would take me at any rate.)

Here's sites that talk about it, including a bunch of reviews on other forums. Looking at their Alexa stats ( they just came into action this month. Are you comfortable with that?

Alexa says they are based out of Toronto, but the WhoIs record shows the domain's registered owner is in Israel. Is an overseas company something you're okay with?

Here's a run down of the ones I know well.
Commission Junction. Some people swear by it. I quit using it about a year ago when I'd shown 40,000 ads in a month (130,000 in total) and still hadn't made my first red cent.

Bidclix. Ugly ads, less than scrupulous products, non-competitive payout. (Earning about 8 cents CPM)

Google Adsense. Love it. Non-intrusive ads, always relevant, good payout. (More like 80 cents CPM)

Click Booth. Brand new, only pays for leads and sales, have shown 10,000 ads since joining last week and still haven't earned a penny. Several years old and only getting better. I know a blogger who makes $200 to $300 a month on them, and the ads aren't so bad to look at either. (, but be careful at work.) Also, has a button where people can buy ads just to be shown on your site. You set the price, you approve which ads show, you get the money (80% of it, anyhow.)

Burst, FastClick, Tribal Fusion. All good and pay well. Ads vary in annoyance level, but you can customize it. With three FastClick ads on my pages I make about $180 CPM (plus another maybe 90 cents CPM on the popups.)

Long Beach Media and Cydoor. Low, low, low payouts. Tried them, quickly abandoned them. They each gave me a bad vibe.

Hope this isn't too much info, just trying to impart a scrap of my good and bad experiences.

Re: [brianbankerus] Making money on the web

By ross - December 13, 2004

Hi Brian.

Thank you very much for the information [cool]!

I am sure that Rokie will really appreciate this. It’s always great to see the community stepping up the the plate like this for each other. So keep up the good work Brian [;)]!
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Re: [ross] Making money on the web

By brianbankerus - December 13, 2004

Hey, I've done a few things right in these past couple years and a LOT of things wrong. The last thing I want to do is allow other webmasters to blindly test their way through it while making less-than-honest ad vendors ([:/]) rich off their labor.

So many have offered so much for me, giving advice back (for this poster or anyone else wishing to read it) is quite literally the least I can do.


By pepi33 - July 7, 2006

What about . They have Product Adds and they are payin realy well.

Re: [pepi33] Re:

By JackD - September 25, 2006

[:)]yes, i use them too and i'm satisfied, so i'd recommend them